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Beautiful Ceramics, Tableware and Gifts from Italian Culture

The earliest forms of pottery were made from clays that were fired at low temperatures in pit-fires or in open bonfires. They were hand formed and undecorated. Because the biscuit form of earthenware is porous, it has limited utility for storage of liquids, however earthenware.
It can be made from a wide variety of clays. The development of ceramic glaze which makes it impermeable makes it a popular and practical form of pottery making. The addition of decoration has evolved.

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A great part of the history of pottery is prehistoric, part of past pre-literate cultures. Therefore, much of this history can only be found among the artifacts of archaeology. Because pottery is so durable.

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When my kids were small I did pottery full time with my own kiln and wheel. Then life happened and for many years I did no pottery. When I decided to start again I was looking for a relaxed studio where I could do my own thing but of course with some guidance. Bev’s studio I have found to be just perfect. Relaxed. Fun. Great fellow potters. And Bev a wonderful guide/teacher. Never dictates. Just gently prompts you to make the right decision. With music in the background. I highly recommend her.

Linda Mcclure
Linda Mcclure

Bev Wild Ceramics has been a ton of fun for the past 10 years. Bev's enthusiasm for our creations knows no bounds, and her practical knowledge of clays and glazes is remarkable!

Jan Leimer

Beginners, experienced potters, artistic souls and those who wish to be artistic, and anyone else who wants to create beauty from a lump of clay-- Bev Wild can be your guide, mentor, teacher and friend. I've been at Bev's studio fòr years--she always has fresh ideas, lots of enegy, patience and I have to mention , great coffee.

Jean Bouwmeester
Jean Bouwmeester

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